Examples of Our Work

At Highfield Knitting Company we can knit double jacquard patterned toques and scarves (where we can knit your brand name or custom pattern directly into the toque. We can make plain jacquard and mock rib styles in 1x1, 2x1, 2x3, etc. And, If you’re looking for a true rib style, we can make fisherman rib. In terms of lengths the lengths can be completely customized; we can make cuffed toques, beanie style, slouchy, the "stick up" and short cut. If you require notions such as Pom poms, we can put you on the path to Pom Poms!

Made in Canada toques in mock rib, plain jacquard and double jacquard styles

please contact sales@highfieldknitwear.com for more info or if you have any questions at all!